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Business remains brisk for the Cleveland plant. We're expected to remain more than full for the first quarter.

I want to welcome all the new employees to the plant. For all of you, not just the new job you'll be on, but even being in a steel mill is a new experience. As I said when I met you during your two week training period, please remember your most important job is your safety and that of your co-workers.

Don't forget, if you have issues of any nature, but especially with the interpretation of what's provided for in the labor agreement, contact your Grievance Committeeman, Grievance Chair Russ Sheffler, or myself. You'll find our contact numbers in the insert to the pocket planner you received.

The entire plant is excited about the restart of #2 Steel Producing. It appears that between bids and new hires, we'll be able to meet the operational needs to man this facility. However, we are still desperately in need of craftspeople - both from within the mill and from new hires. As of this writing, we have still not been able to fill that need.

By now most people should know there was no profit sharing in the 4th quarter of 2011. That is because the company lost $73 million in the United States. The media reported that worldwide ArcelorMittal lost over $1 billion. Although our profit sharing is only based on US numbers, things like investment decisions are affected by the overall stability of the company.

Different from the rest of the year, the Cleveland plant itself did not perform well during this quarter. Since #1 Steel Producing operated with one tundish car during much of that quarter, we lost thousands of tons of orders.

This is not to blame Steel Making. In fact, the Steel Producing workers made the best of a bad situation and, at times reduced the turn-around to two hours.

Our members in Steel Producing should be congratulated for the outstanding quality in the 13 barge loads of slabs shipped to Dofasco. Management at this Canadian ArcelorMittal plant pronounced these slabs to be the best they'd ever run. There were zero defects in this large order.

A number of people have called asking about new hires from the street. As of now, the company still has people left from their previous hiring posting. Hopefully, they will complete this list sometime this year, and post a new ad for hiring off the street. That will again give our members an opportunity for relative referral.

District Director Dave McCall hasn't contacted me yet with a date on when we will open contract negotiations. However, we are looking at having a road show before these talks start. That means members of the Union negotiating committee will go to each plant to ask the membership what they would like to see included in the next labor agreement.


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