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How to Return to Work from S & A

A number of members have experienced problems getting back to work after being off on S & A. There are steps you can take to decrease the odds of this happening to you.

Those returning to work are required to have a note from their doctor allowing them to return to work. This note should indicate whether you can return to work without restrictions or with temporary or permanent restrictions.

You then take this doctor's note to the Company on site medical facility located near gate 4, OR CONCENTRA. Their doctor, OR C0NCENTRAS, examines you before releasing you to return to work.

The dispensary has used this examination to find reasons why a person should not be returned to work. This even happens when the person's doctor indicates that the employee may return to work "without restrictions."

There are a number of measures you can take to try to prevent this from happening to you. First, do not agree to an examination of anything that doesn't concern the reason you were off on S & A. The examination is NOT to be a physical.

Second, only briefly tell the Doctor why you were off work. The more information you give, the worse it gets.

Third, DO NOT give the Doctor permission to talk to your doctor. He isn't talking to your doctor to help you.

Finally, if you aren't put back to work, contact your Grievance Committeeman so he can advise you what to do. You may need to file a grievance to protect your rights.


USW 979 Cleveland Ohio